Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The search continues

It's been a while since my last update, I'll try to go back and fill in the blanks if I can remember everything that's happened.

Planning for this year's walk is well underway, and I am co-chair of the media/publicity committee. Myself and the other chair will work to get the audio and video psa (public service announcement) messages put together, and sent off to the local radio and television stations. I'm not quite sure what the theme of this year's video should be, so I'm still mulling it over. Since the audio will be the same as the radio piece, I'll need to hear it first, and go from there.

Meanwhile, we've been fighting high blood sugar for the last several nights, and having to get up in the overnight to do tests. I'm pretty tired from all the broken sleep... Too bad diabetes never sleeps...

Monday, August 25, 2008

yay, our A1C is down again! And we're back in school

We had our appointment with the doctor today, and Tori's A1C has dropped from 8.7 down to 7.9 since our last visit! Her numbers are looking pretty good for the time being and we aren't making any adjustments to her pump for now. Everything for the moment seems to be on track.

Our next visit is scheduled for December, hopefully we'll get even lower numbers then.

We're also back in school again, and Tori's teacher's father is diabetic, so she's already somewhat familiar with diabetes. I can finally breath that sigh of relief that we are back into better daytime diabetes management.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Waiting to breathe a sigh of relief...

School starts tomorrow. I can't wait for Tori to get back into school so we know her daytime diabetes management is in good hands again. Summer daycare has been, oh, a little less than optimal in managing her diabetes. There was a teacher there that did pretty decent with it, but when she wasn't there, and after she left to move to greener pastures the staff that remained was not quite up to speed on things... lets just say there were a few missed meal boluses and leave it at that.

Now, her school on the other hand has a full time nurse on staff, a vice principal whose brother is diabetic, and a principal that is absolutely on board and willing to step up and do testing. What more could we ask for in a school?

We didn't ask, but here's what we got anyway:

A nurse who not only trains all staff that will be involved in Tori's daily life at school, but also works with them until they are comfortable with the routine. She's always on top of Tori's care even when the teacher's are handling things well.

A kindergarten teacher who went out of her way, even after being diagnosed with breast cancer herself, to make Tori's first year of school to be not a first year of school for a little girl who was different from the other children, but the first year of school for a little girl like any other little girl. Did she stop there? No! She went out of her way at the end of the school year to personally approach the first grade teacher who she felt would be the best possible candidate to continue Tori's education and diabetes care, and recruit her.

School starts tomorrow. I can't wait for Tori to get back into school...